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Now over 50 years old the Class 73/1 is, along with the Class 33, the ubiquitus Southern Region locomotive. With almost universal route availabilty they could be found all over the region on anything from Express passenger working to shunting.
This gallery contains photos of every single locomotive, including the older 73/0's and more will be added over time.

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Keywords:British Rail, Class 73, Electro-Diesel, English Electric, Gatwick Express, JA, JB, Southern Region, Stewarts Lane

73001 33007 33111 EH73001 CLJ unkd73001 Eastleigh73001 Waterloo 198673002 73003 WAT 08068573002 Royal train PB73003 LWS73003 NWD 27068573004  HHE73004 73134 CLJ 310889 PB73004 28077973004 at Haywards Heath73004 CLJ73004 GTW 10078573004 Keymer Jct DJB73005 117973005 BTN 1980 RM73005 Gatwick 198473005 Vauxhall 200183 PC73006 CDS 030587 PB