Andy Parkinson(non-registered)
Re the photos of the derailment at Cuxton 1974 this incident was discussed at our Gillingham traincrew reunion today where some colour photos of the incident were shown around. Apparently the derailment was caused by the mineral wagons being placed in the middle between 2 sets of the Marinex ones which resulted in the rear set riding up over the mineral wagons causing the derailment.
Gordon - Dinnages Publishing(non-registered)
Your view of TCD376J would likely be 25-Jun-72.
One similar shot in my photo library is of the same bus at the same location going by how many enthusiasts had been there at the time.
Dinnages BW0829 Jim Jones #3298 Published 2012.
Pulling off Fishbourne ferry CUTHRED.
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Ray Talbot(non-registered)
Hi Andy do you only have the four photos of the Hampton Ct derail? My father was on the Basingstoke up that got hit that day.
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john Abbott(non-registered)
Andy this is a great resource as a modeller of the Southern Region in 1977.

Do you have any pics of the nuclear waste train that used to go through Poole in the 70s?

I have seen a video of this working in the early 80s where one flask wagon was being hauled by a 73 with a brake van bringing up the rear.

Also do you have any pics of the Brockenhurst to Stirling summer weekend Motorail. Finally am interested in any freight pics taken in the New Forest.

Thanks John

PS I bought your Southern Region book last year
Awesome collection
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