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This gallery contains images that don't fit in elsewhere, mainly due to age and the fact that they have steam issuing everywhere......and no its not a boiler fitted class 40!

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35007 18106432470 BTN DL30925 GTW 07106270003 Euxton 1X46 170764A4 60021 DON 0809625MT 45097 PRP 0852488 473 steam HHE 310363BR STD 4MT 75077 KPA 050367U1 31893 PRP 270653U1 31902 PRP 08524MT 80013 LWS 170454V 30918 KPA 16076035030 SOU 056731400 Copyhold Jct HHE 18086234057 Lymington Jct 280762N 31812 PRP 0652K 32352 WVF 6x9 0861E3 32165 Lewes Rd 6x4.5 0953E4 32470 HOV 6x4.5 0153BR STD 2MT 84027 nr BTN 6x9