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This gallery contains copies of all my class 47 images ( from the regional galleries etc ). There are a reducing number of gaps in the photos. I hope to eventually have images of every single one of the class, this includes all the renumbering.
The class was the largest mainline class of locomotive on British Rail with 508 examples constructed. Images are mainly 35mm slides but there are some negatives and Medium Format negatives too.
For full details on the class check out the excellent website........I do!

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47001 BSK 03078147002 Skegness47003 Dent 058647004 45141 YRK 197747004 MAN 290579 BW47004 Normanton 04047847005 Nottingham 197747006 MCV 2812844700747008 NOT 101 097747010 31410 YRK 250480 BW47010 NOT 21077947011 YRK47012 Stockton 25088747012 YRK 6N40 6x7MF 10088747013 ESL 09058047014 Goose Hill47015 Eastleigh 048647016 Aslockton 088147016 Chinley