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The 9.41 a.m. 4-coach electric passenger train from Gravesend Central to Charing Cross ran past the Up home signal at danger and collided head-on with a 9-coach empty steam passenger stock train which was being shunted slowly from the Up sidings across the Up line towards the Down line. The accident occurred as the empty train was entering the crossover leading from the Up to the Down line. The passenger train was approaching the station at about 40 m.p.h. when the motorman, who had failed to observe the home signal, saw the obstruction ahead and applied the brakes. His action was too late to be effective and the collision occurred at a speed of about 25 m.p.h.

The force of the impact drove the empty train backwards for 11 yards and lifted the engine which mounted the leading coach of the electric train. The Up and Down lines were blocked and the electric current was cut off immediately by the heavy short circuit. There were about 50 passengers in the electric train, and 43 of these, together with the motorman and guard, were taken to hospital where five were detained, but none was seriously injured." Breakdown cranes were ordered promptly and both lines were opened to traffic at 7.54 p.m. after a stoppage of 9 ½ hours.
Full details of the accident are available from the Railway Archive:-

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