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This gallery contains my Eastern Region photos. Locations include Doncaster, York, Leeds, Peterborough, Sheffield Finsbury Park the London terminals and much more. Little did I know at the time but York would become my second home as my wife is a Yorkie.
Most photos are taken by me but a number have been purchased through eBay, where known the original photographer is credited.

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4x08 Tinsley 197610 car DMU Starbeck 17087531 Tinsley37 and 31 at Ely 038640xxx SCA 098346Yorkatnight47Stratford314xx LDS 0486474xx unknown475xx Wanstead Park 108703069 Newcastle03089 SCA03112 Berwick03158 Lowestoft03158 NRW 03078508758  197708771 YRK 020978 GR13003 Tinsley Yard20028 20031 Chaloners Whin Jct 20107920057 20xxx Chesterfield