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This is basically a file store for where full details of the items can be seen. However if you fancy a nose around please do.
It also includes various BR leaflets and timetables and brochures.

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Keywords:1979, 1S76, British Rail, GBTT, Intercity, NE-SW, Sussex Scot, WTT, buffet, carriage label, crosscountry, leaflet, menu, publicity, timetable

1O02 2325FO MANWEY 19881M93 1341SO POOBON 1988BR35031/92 5/86CAS P03063BCAS BR 35031 203T391 9.86CAS P03063DBR 35511-5 CAS L01405 5-87BR 35511-5 CAS L01405 5-87 map and introCL1M50 0907 BTN MAN 121079BR 21717_41 IC 2238 0740 MAN-DVW SC1O96 1030 LIVDWD BR 21717_70 IC 21621136 GLC-BTN Sussex Scot 28_09_92 to 13_11_921136 GLC-BTN Sussex Scot 16_11_92 to 14_05_931989 1805SuO BTNWVHHHE station teamST19  SR CTL May 1978 P4ST19  SR CTL May 1978 P29ST19  SR CTL May 1978 P10ST19  SR CTL May 1978 coverVT TT 27Sept 1998 to 29May 1999