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5Z88 an ECS move from St Leonards West Marina to Chart Leacon formed of 4 Hastings power cars and one trailer car. Just as the empty train was entering Appledore Station at 21.05 it became derailed on the facing crossover to the west of the Station. The leading power-car. which turned over onto its side. was severely damaged and all the remaining four vehicles suffered varying degrees of lesser damage. I regret to report that the driver of the train� was killed and that the guard who was travelling with him in the cab received minor injuries for which he was conveyed to hospital by ambulance but was discharged shortly afterwards."

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140380 Appledore RNW61401140380 Appledore RNW61402140380 Appledore RNW61403140380 Appledore RNW61406170380 6B 1033 S60037 W1307209170380 6L S60541 W1307203170380 6S 1001 S60000 W1307205170380 Appledore W1307213