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A selection of collision and derailment photos that don't fit in the other folders.
Locations include Fratton, Shepperton, Cannon Street and Copyhold Junction.

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Keywords:56062, Brighton, British Rail, Copyhold, Haywards Heath, NSE, Network southeast, Trains, accident, crash, damage, derailment, railways

2HAP 4309 derailed BTN 1990010977 W706510040376 5258 S14515S W386702040877 4EPB 5145 W69380442086 4278050774 5755 S65369 W100503050876 5208 S14416S W48480456062 2 Copyhold 14068856062 3 Copyhold 14068856062Copyhold56062Copyhold2060180 BG Hop fields 240524100968 D6576 RDG 217205121081 33056 Earlswood W1664302121081 33056 Earlswood W1664301140373 6025 VIC 669605150273 E6035 BArms 663102180174 W36517191275 Clapham Jct W344402200361 CST north