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As the 23.18 (15th January) mail and parcels train from Brighton to London Bridge was standing at Platform I at East Croydon while station duties were carried out, it was run into violently at the rear by the 00.22 Three Bridges to New Cross Gate Civil Engineers Departmental freight train which had passed at Danger the protecting 4 aspect colour-light signal CW3. The rear three vans of the mail and parcels train were derailed and severely damaged as were the locomotive and the first 5 vehicles of the engineer's train. The platform canopy and coping stones were damaged in the area of the collision. The driver of the engineer's train was trapped in the wreckage of the locomotive cab until 08.45 when, despite strenuous efforts on the part of the Fire Brigade, part of one leg had to be amputated in order to release him. The guard of the engineer's train, a member of the platform staff, and 6 Post Office employees attending the mail train suffered slight injuries.
Some recently acquired colour images have now been added showing some views mainly taken from East Croydon Goods Yard by Alan Edwards who worked in Train planning.
Full details of the accident can be found here:-

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